South Korea Has a Rash of New COVID Cases After Reopening

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Front page Wall Street Journal article today reporting that more than 50 cases of COVID in Seoul, South Korea have been linked to nightclubs and bars, and that the country is ordering them to close again. These cases were reported after days of no reported infections!

SK’s president Moon Jae-in warned that a second wave of infections could arise anytime and anywhere. SK has been doing well with COVID from a population willing to stay inside and comply with government restrictions, aggressive testing, and contact tracing.

JO: With US states reopening and our culture of defiance and personal liberty/mobility, will Americans go back to 50% capacity restaurants? Or will people stay inside and merely ignore that businesses are reopening? If Americans go out in good volume I expect there to be a second wave of COVID, and a second quarantine could be a catalyst to even more economic damage and fear.

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