My Favorite Credit Card

Out of the few credit cards I do use, my Apple Card is my favorite – and here’s why! No fees – Not even hidden

How To Be An Adult & Not Go Broke

You read that right – in this post I’m going to be teaching you the easiest way to not go broke as an adult, especially

Kanye X Gap Inc.?

You simply cannot make this stuff up. In the first half of 2021, Gap Inc. will be unveiling a new clothing line called “Yeezy Gap”.

Comparing Nvidia and Intel

Sometimes I like to compare companies with similar business models to each other – figuring out what gives each one their respective competitive advantage. In

Blackstone’s New Real-Estate Play

Real-estate investors at the Blackstone Group are getting into show business! But not by making movies or TV shows themselves, but by acquiring stakes in

How To Invest in 5G

Apple’s 2020 WWDC began Monday which means their iPhone 12 is right around the corner! According to Mac Rumors (https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/iphone-12/) one of the more notable

My Thoughts on SHLL (Hyliion)

Hyliion is a “leader in electrified powertrain solutions for Class 8 commercial vehicles. What’s a Class 8 commercial vehicle? Think semi-trucks and dump-trucks. They offer

Why I’m Not Buying $OPES Yet..

These blank check company mergers have been popping up out of no where recently, with BurgerFi being one of them. Here’s a quick summary of

5 Bold Predictions for the Rest of 2020

I was scrolling through Seeking Alpha when I found this article and thought it would be cool to give some additional commentary to it. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4354471-5-bold-predictions-for-rest-of-2020

Intro to Index Funds

If you’re like 99% of people in the world, you probably don’t have the time nor the energy to read through a Form 10-K or

When to Sell Your Stocks

As time goes by while you’re investing, the question begins to shift from “what stocks should I buy?” to “when should I sell my stocks?”

iPhone on Table

Musical.ly Walked So Tik Tok Could Run

Tik Tok’s rise to prominence has been nothing short of amazing. The short-form video platform, a diverse incubator of viral content, has amassed 800 million active

Why I’m Buying FMCI

On June 15, I posted a TikTok explaining why I bought 90 shares of FMCI for $13.65/share and plan to hold them for the next

Why I’m Bullish on Best Buy

Hey everyone – some of you may know me from TikTok. I post daily videos around personal finance and investing and yesterday I posted a


Thanks to @jhoff and @dkaplan16 for the requests! These are pulled from some institutional research reports (not my price targets) AAPL (~$320 price target) Better

Should You Buy VTIQ / Nikola Stock?

TLDR is at the bottom, obviously. Background and Context VTIQ is a publicly-traded special purpose acquisition vehicle (“SPAC”) formed to purchase information technology, transportation, and