Justin Oh

Analyst Read: Peter Thiel

I am on Day 2 out of 3 of my executive working retreat, so unfortunately no analysis today.  I know we have some Silicon Valley folks

Revisiting Cruise Line Stocks

Are cruise line stocks likely to rebound? And if so, should you invest? A look at the industry from my Oct. 22 daily read.

My Wall Street Experience and What We’re Doing At Cents

Many folks have asked about my experience and career path to learn how I advanced in the Wall Street and corporate industries. And it bears going over for everyone else, so you know the qualifications of who’s doing the investment analysis here.

Teladoc ($TDOC) + Livongo ($LVGO) Analyst Rating

Saw a recent sellside analyst report on Teladoc ($TDOC), which announced it would buy Livongo ($LVGO) last week. This is a hot company that many of you have asked about in the past. Here’s is the latest rating and price target, along with some snippets for ROIC members!

$1,500 Stock Pitch Contest + Massive Giveaways

A Couple Cents is giving away $1,500 to the ROIC member who posts the best stock pitch. For other members that may want to participate in other ways, we’re offering a slew of other prizes too.