$1,500 Stock Pitch Contest + Massive Giveaways

A Couple Cents is giving away $1,500 to the ROIC member who posts the best stock pitch. For other members that may want to participate in other ways, we're offering a slew of other prizes too.
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(By Damien Verrier)
(By Damien Verrier)

In the wake of the uncertainty surrounding TikTok, I’ve brought forward some of the big ROIC giveaways and contests we had planned:

  • Only members of the website are eligible to win.
  • To sign up, click here and use the coupon code “financefamily” for a one-month free trial.

$1,500 A Couple Cents Stock Pitch Contest!

We’re giving away $1,500 to the ROIC member that posts the best stock pitch in the comments section of this post. I don’t foresee hundreds of submissions, so the chance of winning is pretty good if you’ve already done some homework on a stock you like.

  • The winner, the most-liked post, will be selected on Aug. 17.
  • There’s no limit to pitch multiple entries if you have more than one idea.
  • The stock must have a greater than $100 million market cap, and please remember that we have a mostly English-speaking member base.
  • Two people can pitch the same stock, but the tie-breaker will go to the better write-up.
  • Feel free to share a link to decks or pictures hosted elsewhere too.

The $1,500 is strictly for stock pitches, but we have other prizes for ROIC members that want to participate in other ways.

iPad Pro Surface Pro 7, Apple or Microsoft Giveaway

I will randomly pick two ROIC members who like and/or comment on the stock pitches by Aug. 17. Those winners will get to choose between a brand new iPad Pro or a Surface Pro 7, or two shares of pre-split Apple or four shares of Microsoft.

  • A pitch from the viewpoint of an amateur, low-risk options trader, selling cash covered puts and stock-covered calls.
    So, before i move on to the pitch, a few words in general, about my strategy and what i’m looking for in a stock before i decide to add 100 of them into my portfolio.
    1. Potential for future growth… i.e if you’re left holding the bag after buying in with a cash covered put, it would be nice to hold a company, that still has a lot of growth ahead of them in the long term.
    2. Stock price. No doubt one can make quite the premium selling calls on Apple, Tesla, Nvidia or Google, but i’d personally prefer to hold something less expensive, that doesn’t take up most of my portfolio, something around 80-120 dollar range.
    3. Premiums. Around 7-10% monthly. And for that you’d need volatility, i.e big changes in the stock price.

    There are quite a few stocks actually fitting the criteria, but the last couple of months, i’ve enjoyed quite the ride (and premiums) with ACMR, that has a nice and quickly expanding market niche (supplying the chipmakers with wet cleaning equipment) in the semiconductor business.
    The company itself is registered in the US, where’s production facilities are located in mainland China. The management itself seems to be largely made up of american-born chinese, allowing the company to in a way, take the best from both worlds.
    Also, as an added bonus, since their product is very niche and they do not manufacture chips themselves, they are also less likely to be hit with any sanctions when the trade war starts heating up.
    And probably most importantly, even though they’ve posted very good growth numbers, they still have a lot of growth ahead of them, clearly signalled by the fact that they recently started building a new factory in Shanghai.

    TLDR: ACMR would probably make for a pretty decent growth stock to hold on it’s own, but the premiums on the options, compared to the the buy-in price, are why i really like having it in my portfolio, as it allows for meaningful monthly returns with a relatively smallish long-term risk, when you’re left holding the bag after a sell-off.

  • when investing, i’d like to ask myself this one question… “Is this company disruptive enough in its industry or this is just a reinvention of a wheel thing?” Tesla is disruptive.. they are going to change the world with practically everything they get their hands on. with this gene editing technique, they will also be changing how future medicine will work.

    Amazon is disruptive. they already are causing a boat load of businesses go out of business. we are talking about huge department stores all over are feeling the pressure of Amazon.

    my next pitch is an old company called Intel. why would this company be disruptive when its trading are happening much lower than NVIDIA and AMD? ill tell you why Intel has a known secret weapon that is in its side pocket waiting to whip out and slap everyone for doubting them.

    in 2017 Intel acquired a company called Mobileye. why is this an important acquisition? we all know why Tesla cars are the finest in its class with Consumer Auto report giving them a 103 rating when the range was 0-100. never in history had a car received a 103 when 100 was the max. its like how can you get a perfect score of 103 on a test of 10 questions and you got all 10 correct? one of Tesla awesome feature that will disrupt the future is the Self Driving software that no one has. the company that Tesla learned about autonomous driving is Mobileye… the original company that started the Self Driving Software.

    why is this important? if any of the existing car company want to compete with Tesla in the future when it come to self driving, they would either join Tesla by paying Tesla a fee for using their self driving software OR reach out to Intel and its Mobileye. currently Mobileye is being tested just as Tesla’s self driving. Mobileye is slightly behind Tesla because of the amount of Tesla’s having its own vehicles driving around. every auto maker will eventually turn to Electric Cars in the near future and to compete with Tesla, they will ALL need to at least have some of the options that Tesla will have and Autonomous Driving will be a must have. Intel is currently in the prime position to take full advantage of this. its also why Intel paid roughly about 15 billion dollars to purchase this Mobileye company.

    super bullish on Intel as well friends!

  • im not very good at making a formal pitch like the rest of you guys/gals in here so please forgive my style.
    my first pitch is Tesla.

    1st Tesla is currently the leading EV maker in the world. their vehicles are light years ahead of all these other companies out there that is currently and/or coming out. those who believe any of these new companies who never produced any vehicles before could be worth as much as Tesla are taking a yuge risk investing in them. big money players like Toyota, Mercedes, Ford, GM, BMW, VW, etc are already producing electric vehicles and still cannot compete with Tesla. why would anyone think a start up company would be able to “be-at” Tesla?

    2nd Tesla alone spend more money on their Research and Development team more than the whole country of China! SpaceX is not part of Tesla BUT are part of the Elon Family, who is the father of both companies. SpaceX has spoken publicly saying that many things they are finding out while developing rockets to send people to the moon and mars are being shared with Tesla. lets think about this.. Tesla, indirectly thru SpaceX, are sending people into space while all these other companies are still trying to make a working vehicle…hmmm.

    3rd Tesla has solar panels that they are making. why is this important? the future in energy is no longer Oil and Gas but clean energy thru solar, wind, etc. currently Tesla is producing and selling the best and cheapest solar panels that money can buy. while other leading solar companies are focused on solar panels, Tesla is light years ahead of them offering solar roofs instead of regular roof shingles. why is this important? this mean more energy collected to power your home usage so everyone can be less dependant on grid energy.

    4th Energy storage for all this solar energy collected from your solar roof top. Tesla produces batteries and will be announcing its state of the art new battery coming out. Elon was working with a professor/doctor Goodenough on creating the next generation battery. Dr Goodenough is the creator of Lithium battery and lately has been working on a newer type of battery called “solid state battery”. these batteries are suppose to hold a much higher charge efficiently AND can take a charge at a much faster rate since there are no exposive liquid part being used. current batteries would blow up or catch on fire if someone were to charge it to quickly but these solid state batteries, it can take a full charge within minutes. imagine having this type of battery in their cars where someone can get a full charge just as filling it up with gas.

    5th Tesla will be coming out with a $20k car within the next year or two. why does this matter? the company became very attractive to drivers when the Model 3 came out offering cheaper EV at $35k causing sales to shoot thru the roof, taking Tesla stock to all time high currently at 1600s. now imagine a $20k EV class that is even more affordable to virtually everyone that is looking to buy a car. Tesla is able to offer this type of low cost EV is because they pretty much make everything in house, which is much more efficient and affordable.

    6th Tesla will most likely be the first car company to be fully autonomous within the next year or two, as they approach that 1 billion hour mark worth of self driving data to be able to stake their claim of their self driving feature. not every car could say they will add self driving and it would be considered legal on the streets according to the govt. Tesla has been collecting data hours of their vehicles and are really close to 1 billion hours worth of data to present its case to these so they are ahead of the game. other car company would first have to develop their own self driving software and then start collecting their own data to present their case.

    7th Elon Musk has another company on the side called The Boring Company. this company currently dig underground tunnels to one day allow only his EV to use since its zero emission to be safe to drive in enclosed space. the tunnels are suppose to be a quicker and safer commute, one day, between cities/states. This would be another “toy” for Tesla vehicles.

    8th Computer system. Tesla car computer system is so advance that even an ex NVIDIA company developer had said Tesla chip is at least 3 years ahead of everyone. what does this really mean? it mean tesla could potentially get into the market of selling computers if it really wanted to.

    9th Back to SpaceX. SpaceX has been launching a whole lot of low orbitting satellites into the sky. the goal is to have somewhere around 43000 small satellites that will cover all parts of the earth. these satellites will one day supply internet, communication and anything that needed satellites to operate. in 2019, a company called Intelsat was suppose to get a govt deal that would yeild them a large portion of the 5g market but was then turned down in Nov 2019. Intelsat was a company that started way back in the day by the govt to help advance the govt weaponry against Russia during the cold war. Intelsat was a major player with hundreds of satellites orbitting our earth for decades but got passed up on that next big contract with the govt. why is this? its because of this next generation of satellites that SpaceX are deploying under name Starlink. why are all this important? Starlink will one day accommedate all of Tesla’s onboard computer system and guide it to do whatever it needed.

    10th Elon Musk mentioned that Tesla will one day offer insurace coverage to all its vehicles. why is this good for Tesla? once Tesla autonomy driving is proven to be much safer to have on, Tesla driver will have way less accidents. what does this mean really? it mean the money paying into the insurance will virtually be giving away money to Tesla when they know there will be virtually less accidents IF drivers have their auto drive feature activated. for those who do not use them, Tesla will know who they are and adjust the insurance accordingly…win win win for everyone! i know if this feature is as safe as they say, i would want and feel more comfortable knowing my 16 year old kid driving around in a Tesla with such feature.

    11th Healthcare. what does healthcare has anything to do with Tesla? so far i have mentioned Tesla having the best Ai and the best onboard computer system in their vehicles that are virtually “3 years in advance”. Elon said 3yrs is an understatement because even with all the data that their computer system are receiving and processing, over 100 frames per second, his computer has NOT EVEN reached its full potential yet… it “has not tapped out yet” is what Elon said. there is a company out there that Elon and Tesla is currently working on to help cure people with any disease/virus/health issues. Tesla want to get into Gene Sequencing to help find cures for people. with Tesla state of the art Ai, if paired with the right company, would be unstoppable.

    lets put this all together now. why am i so bullish, no super bullish, on Tesla? the godfather of SpaceX, Starlink, The Boring Company, Gene Sequencing and the creator of Paypal Elon Musk, the software engineer himself, is the reason why i am bullish on Tesla. Elon formulated all these companies because he is a visionary who has a mission and it is to help everyone live more efficiently AND to explore when they can. people cannot travel if their health is in bad condition and/or if they are not financially stable so he went out and try to solve these issues by creating companies that would free us from all kinds of waste.. wasted time from trying to work to hard to pay bills, wasted time away from life experiences. once people can start driving EVs and having solar powered being produced at their homes, people can start holding more onto the hard earned money that they worked for by not paying much for electricity, gas, maintenance, etc. if we all break down our monthly expenditures, a lot of waste goes into electronics, cars, energy, phones, internet, utlities, etc. With Starlink, one day Elon will offer internet services and start a company to offer cheaper phone services to compete with exisiting ones. With SpaceX, all the brilliant minds that come up with anything worth passing on to the public consumers, it will be passed on thru Tesla. the same goes for Starlink. anything useful that Tesla can use, Starlink is right next door. If anyone happen to get into an accident, its ok because the smart car will one day file all the neccessary documents and submit it to their own insurance for a claim and since Tesla makes all their own parts, it would be fast and cheap to fix. all the cameras will show where and how the accident happen so no need to stress over it. and if stress is causing such bad health to your body? they got that covered with the future of Gene Therapy Treatments. Need extra money on the side? no worries, just press “UBER” mode(not going to be called uber) and have your self driving car go out to pick people up and drop them off so you can make some extra cash while you are at work. if you dont like that “UBER” option, its ok, you can still plug your car in to a charging port at work and sell your unused power back to the grid to make money like that as well. once you go home, you can then charge up your car with the solar energy that you have collected for free during the day and storing it in your powerwall from Tesla. you can do all this for roughly around $20k. last but not least, a Tesla computer laptop would be an awesome feature wouldnt it? imagine one day in the future, a portable Tesla laptop could be taken out to be used on the go, be it in the classroom, home use, office or even at the park…that would be awesome wouldnt it? on the flipside, if u lose it then ur car is stuck!

    i am so sorry for this long boring pitch and probably wont win since many of you all have such awesome pitches but i just had to get this off my chest knowing how bullish Tesla is. sometime i would ask myself if im in the market in the future for a car, would i buy a Tesla or the other EVs. knowing Tesla has an umbilical connections with these other mentioned companies from Elon is very comforting for me to know… if the prices are really close, i would for sure vote Tesla. REMEMBER this, while others are still trying to build a working EV, Tesla and its sibblings are sending people into space…Mars here we come!

  • Long on $LULU

    Lululemon is a high growth athletic wear, and now with the Mirror acquisition, athletic equipment/media company. I believe $LULU is a long term BUY.

    Lululemon offers high gross profit margins on their apparel, averaging 55%, and high net profit margins, averaging 14% (beating the 11% national average). Also, with the addition of Mirror, I believe that Lulu will prove to be a direct competitor to Peloton and will outpace their growth because of Lulu’s high brand value.

    Peloton and Mirror both offer exercise equipment and follow along exercise media. However, Peloton’s Bike ($2,245) and Treadmill ($4,295) are more expensive than the Mirror ($1,495) and all offer the same media price point of $39/mo. Also, if you were to compare only Lulu and Peloton, Lulu is currently 11.53 times sales and Peloton is 13.36 times sales. Since this acquisition is relatively new, I couldn’t find any statistics on subscriber growth, so these assumptions are solely based on Lulu’s branding power and pricing competitiveness of their exercise products.

    Lastly, because of the upcoming back-to-school shopping season and because most schools (high school and higher ed) are mixed about their on-campus returns, ath-leisure wear companies are perfectly set up to continue to capitalize on the student shopping market.

    It would be unfair of me to set a price target for $LULU because I haven’t done a DCF like Justin, but this company is definitely going to be part of my portfolio.

    Thanks for reading!

  • $IQV (IQVIA)

    Everybody sit down, shut up and, buckle up – we’re going on a ride. First and foremost, I must start with a disclosure. For the past five years, I’ve worked in clinical research. One of the biggest CRO (clinical research organizations) that we work with is IQV.

    Now that I have that out the way, here’s my pitch (for those numberphiles/if you get turned on by numbers, I will follow up with it at the end):

    $IQV will slow and steadily grow your money (if you’re here from WSB, grow your money = moon, just slow and steady – like the tortoise). For the past 5 years in clinical research, IQV has been the most consistent CRO I’ve worked with. They either keep buying up the competition or they swing their corporate d*** and force both small research clinics and big research clinics/hospitals to work with them. Basically, how it works is a pharma company will hire a CRO to help them run the clinical trial. Clinical trials take place at the research clinic/hospital and plebs like me work directly with the CRO as opposed to the pharma company. Here’s the genius-ness of it all, regardless of if the trial is successful or not, CROs get PAIDDDDD. You want a real-life example? Look at $INO. They’ve been up and down like a GD rollercoaster. You know who’s stayed consistent (including today)? $IQ-mofoing-V.

    Their management is also on another level. Remember when Comcast was catching a lot of ish for being the evil corporation they are? And they had to rebrand their flagshit..ooops, I mean flagship service to Xfinity? $IQV practically does that every other year. Every time they buy/merge with a competitor, they do a combo name change/rebranding. Is this expensive? Sure, does it work? Yes. This company went to IQVIA after the merger between Quintiles (formerly Q2) and IMS Health. No one in my industry remembers all the BS we went through with Quintiles or Q2.

    Okay, now some numbers for you number’insert politically correct genitalia’:


    Before all of you roast me for posting only a few numbers plus their biggest publically traded competitor, Shwab.com was giving me a lot of sass for trying to do a copypasta (plus @JustinOh hasn’t released his trading/excel course yet).

    Conclusion/final thoughts: $IQV is a good long term grower (not a show-er). Clinical research is not going away. If anything, it will only continue to grow. Even if the pharma industry is greatly transformed, clinical research will likely stay the same. I’ve worked for 2 major clinical research clinics, on both pharma and physician initiated studies, and let me just say, most/if not all CROs are crap. The only one that kinda has it together is IQV.

    Now, thumbs up if you agree and thumbs up if you disagree. Leave a comment and I’ll be happy to tell you why you’re wrong.


    TLDR: IQV slow, but steady rocket (nay, sail) to the moon.

    • SOLD!.. i like this IQV.. i havent done any research on them yet but from this pitch i think i might like this one. im also in the medical field so i can see how and where this company valued at. IF its what u said it to be, which i have no doubt its all true, then i would agree with you in that this could be “THE” money tree that many people would want to have in their backyard, in this case, in their portfolio. im familiar with INO being an investor of them since low $3s and road their roller coaster with them up until i couldnt anymore and got out at to early teens..lol.. but thanks to this wonderful pitch of IQV Jeffrey!